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Kansas City Home Seller's Guide

Selling a home can often evoke feeling of stress at the unknown that's awaiting you in the Kansas City real estate market. But, honestly, the Chip Glennon Real Estate Experts have sold thousands of properties combined and know exactly what the current market is like. We know what the housing trends are and we are very familiar with what home buyers are looking for. Essentially, we know our business and it's our job to assure you that you have nothing to worry about when you are selling your home with our expert team of professionals.

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Let's Review The Tools Of The Trade

The first step in selling a home is of course making the decision to sell your home and determine what your next steps are. Our job as your agent is to explain the selling process and help you get your home ready for putting on the market. We'll help you to understand the importance of staging your home, the value in depersonalizing every room, and the value that a well-kept yard and exterior of your home conveys to the buyer. Even though many home buyers know that they can make changes to property, many still purchase a home with their eyes and walk away from a property for some very minor reasons. We can avoid all of that by giving you all the tips and tricks to selling a home!

Meet The People Representing You

It's our pleasure to take you through the selling process in the Kansas City area. This market is a dynamic and very lucrative place to invest your hard earned money. We are indeed a dedicated team of people and not just one representative. We pool our resources and keep each other in touch with all that's going on in the market. We present your property to our team and each of them keeps the specifications in mind when representing their buyers. We all work very hard to ensure that all our clients have the full backing of each member of the Chip Glennon real estate team!

What's Your Kansas City Home Worth?

Whether you're selling your first home or your tenth home, the market is never exactly the same twice. It is our job to stay current with housing prices and market trends to get you the best deal on your home in an efficient manner. If a home is listed too high then buyers may not want to take a look at it and if the home is priced too low then you're not going to get the full value that you deserve. We're a highly trained group of people who are passionate about all things real estate and we know how to price a home to get you the maximum value in the current housing market.

Our Marketing Plan To Get Your Home Sold Efficiently

Our marketing plan has worked for hundreds of clients that have sold their homes in the Kansas City area. We know how to price your home, give it the right exposure, create an effective internet campaign for your home, and get the best deal for you. We know that 80% of buyers begin their property search online and we market your home to capture a buyers attention. We take good quality photos and ensure that each room is set up to convey the right message to buyers pursing your property online.

The marketing plan is key to selling your home and we promise to put our expertise to work for you at this very crucial stage of the process. We know that taking the time to stage the home and make any adjustments necessary should be reflected when the home is listed and ready to be viewed. We will ensure you have ample notice for showings and encourage you to give us feedback about the process at any time. We will get feedback from the buyers real estate agent as well, so that you're just as informed as we are with what buyers think of your home.

Comparative Market Analysis

Are wondering if it's time to sell? Have you already decided to sell, and you need to figure out what price to ask for? Our team is happy to provide you with a free Comparative Market Analysis of your Kansas City neighborhood. Just let us know a few details about your area and your home, and we'll send you a detailed report explaining what we think your home is worth on the current market.

Negotiating And Closing The Sale

When it comes down to a buyer submitting an offer, we'll sit down with you and explain the deal in its entirety. We'll review the comparable properties that have already sold in the area and we'll come up with a price that we feel is fair given the market conditions. We'll get on the phone with the buyer's agent and go to bat for you to get you the best price possible.

Once you have agreed to a price and have a signed contract in hand, we'll finalize all the paper work and ensure it's sent to your lawyer. Don't have a lawyer? Need a mover? No problem! With all the years we've spent in this industry, we've come to know the best of the best in the Kansas City area. We can find you someone for just about anything a home seller could require. We're here for you and we look forward to representing you in any future property purchases or sales you may have. Having repeat clients is the best feeling in the world, as it means we exceeded your expectations the first time and you are ready for us to exceed your expectations again!

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