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Schools Near Kansas City

Kansas City is served by Kansas City Public Schools and is the 12th largest school district in the state of Missouri. There are 35 schools that offer a 24:1 student-teacher ratio, with a daily student attendance of 84%. Nearly 50% of teachers in KCPS have a master's degree. The overall KCPS student population from kindergarten to grade 12 is 15,570.

KCPC offers three types of public schools including neighborhood schools, signature schools, and charter schools. Every single child in Kansas City has a guaranteed seat in neighborhood schools, so long as the child lives within the KCPS boundaries. The school district is bounded on the west by the Kansas/Missouri border line, and bounded on the east by the Independence and Raytown school districts, bordered on the North by the Missouri River, and on the south by the Hickman Mills school district.

Missouri Students' Rights

The state of Missouri has mandatory and voluntary inter-district choice policies in place. Including all districts, if transportation issues make it difficult for students to attend their assigned school, of if there are no state-accredited schools in their district, students have the choice or right to attend a school that's in a different district. Some districts in Missouri have voluntary inter-district choice policies in place for student, which lets students go to schools outside of their district. Under the federal No Child Left Behind law, students have the right to attend higher performing schools in the district, if their neighborhood school needs improvement.

KCPS Grading Process

All grades are maintained in the KCPS district-approved grade book which are updated each week by teachers. Parents and guardians have access to official grade through the Parent Portal online. Teachers follow a board-approved translation table for each academic grade including items for instance:

  • Grading Guidelines
  • Grading Procedures
  • Promotion/Regression/Retention
  • Academic Integrity
  • Grade Reporting
  • Grade Point Average
  • Alternative Instruction Delivery Methods
  • Honor Roll
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Specialized Programs
  • Transfer Students
  • Annual Review

KCPS Neighborhood Schools

Neighborhood schools are public and tuition-free. Students must live in the boundaries and every child is guaranteed a seat. Families who wish to send their child to a different neighborhood school are allowed to do so only when space allows.

Here are the top three neighborhood schools in Kansas City:

  • Elementary School: Faxon Elementary
  • Middle School: Delta Woods
  • High School: Blue Valley High School

Other School Options Near Kansas City

Kansas City has 5 types of schools available for students, which consist of 3 types of public schools and 2 private education options. To attend public schools, students must live within the boundaries of the Kansas City Public School District. Kansas City Public Schools include neighborhood, signature and charter schools, while faith-based schools and independent schools are private. Students do not have to live within the boundaries to attend private schools. Here is a breakdown of alternative education options Kansas City has to offer:

KCPS Signature Schools

Signature schools are public and part of the KCPS. Signature schools have a special focus of theme including, language, Montessori, college-prep, or fine arts. This type of school is open to any student within the KCPS boundaries. However, applications are mandatory, and there are a limited number of seats that are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Here are the top three signature schools in Kansas City:

  • Lincoln College Preparatory Academy
  • Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts
  • Lower Campus

KCPS Charter Schools

Charter schools in Kansas City are tuition-free public schools that have their own governance and guidelines. These schools operate independently of KCPS. These schools receive state funding and are open to any student within the KCPS boundaries. Charter schools have their own philosophies or particular theme, and limited seats are filled with a lottery system.

Here are the top three charter schools in Kansas City:

  • Elementary & Middle School: Academie Lafayette
  • High School: University Academy
  • High School: Frontier School of Excellence

Kansas City Faith-Based Schools

Faith-based education is not funded by the state, so many of these types of school charge a tuition-fee. These schools are affiliated with a religious organization where students have both religious and secular education. Students can apply for admission, which is administered by a board of directors and the school's religious organization affiliate. Students do not have to be within certain boundaries to attend faith-based schools.

Here are the top three faith-based schools in Kansas City:

  • Maranatha Academy
  • Whitefield Academy
  • Islamic School of Greater Kansas City

Kansas City Independent Private Schools

Independent private schools are supported by a private organization and run by a board of directors. Private schools charge a tuition-fee since they're not supported by the state. However, some private schools offer financial assistance to student. Private schools are open to anyone from anywhere. Admissions are taken into consideration by a board of directors.

Here are the top three private schools in Kansas City:

  • The Pembroke Hill School
  • Rockhurst High School
  • The Barstow School