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Kansas City Home Buyer's Guide

You've finally decided that you're ready to buy your first, next, or last home and you're not sure what the next steps are. The biggest decision to make in the entire buying process is that you are indeed ready to make the move and buy a home. Congratulations! The Chip Glennon real estate experts are now ready to jump in and assist you in the entire process. Whether you've lived in the Kansas City area all your life or you're relocating to the community for work and know nothing about the area, we have a team of professionals who are ready to help you at every stage of this very exciting process!

For first-time buyers, we know how overwhelming it can be to buy a home. For those that have some experience purchasing a home, we know your needs change and you may have a wonderful list of requirements that we're looking forward to reviewing with you. Regardless of your stage of life or the amount of down payment you have or don't have, we want to take the time to explain the process and give you an idea of what to expect when buying in the Kansas City real estate market.

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Let's Review The Tools Of The Trade

Our website is packed full of information and guidance that many buyers have referenced over the years. It can be overwhelming to start with, but rest assured these are tools for you to use in addition to the personalized service you'll soon come to expect with our amazing team of experienced real estate agents. Knowing the tools and understanding a bit about the buying process will help you to relax and enjoy the property journey that's ahead of you. Here's a quick explanation of the tools you may use as a home buyer:

Kansas City Home Finder

The Kansas City home finder is the start of your buying process. Take the time to input your required housing needs and we can work with you to find you homes that match your needs. We also get access to exclusive listings that have not hit the market yet. Don't feel like filling it out? No problem! Send us an email or call us with your initial property thoughts and we can get started on finding you that perfect home.

Are You Ready For Home Ownership?

First-time buyers are sometimes not sure what to do first in the buying process. Are you ready for home ownership? What can you afford? What do you actually want in a home? All of these are great questions and we've worked with so many first time buyers that we recommend getting in touch with us first to get you started on this very exhilarating property adventure! This tool gives you some good advice and a few things to think about while pondering your home buying decision.

How Much House Can You Afford?

Once you've worked out that you are ready to buy a home and you have some ideas of what you want in your property, the next question is can you afford it? We have a very simple mortgage calculator that gives you an idea of what your payments will be each month. Getting in contact with a bank and finding out more information is our next recommendation. What you think you can afford is very different from what a bank will allow you to borrow. It's a good idea to know what you're able to borrow from the bank before deciding on what home you're interested in. Staying within your budget is key and will make you a much happier homeowner down the road.

The Glennon Guarantee

The Glennon Guarantee is simply that we will represent you in the buying process and promise to make it an experience that you will enjoy. We'll use our years of experience and industry connections to get you access to the best listings available. We also have the inside scoop on zoning, utility pricing, and future developments that may be planned for an area. It is our business to know everything that goes on in this very fast-paced real estate market. We'll go to bat for you in the negotiation process and get you the best price possible given our amazing team of experienced professionals working for you every step of the way!

Schools Near Kansas City

It's so important that every member of the family is considered when you're buying a home in any city. If you're new to the area, you may not know anything about the school system. This is where our team can assist! We have created this page so our clients can take some time and look at some of the best schools in the area and see if this works for the housing styles and proximity to work that is also important in the buying process. We have much more information on area schools that we look forward to sharing with you.

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