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Why Customer Service Is the Key to a Better Real Estate Agent

Posted by Chip Glennon on Monday, September 10th, 2018 at 9:07am.

Real Estate Customer Service TipsCustomer service may be getting more lip service in the media than ever before. People are constantly hyping the benefits on practically every available ad and article. But the attention being paid to customer service doesn't always translate to real life. In reality, real estate agents may come to see all the generic advice as mere background noise. However, real estate agents who push customer service to the top of their priority list may be surprised at just how far they can go.

Going the Distance

A real estate agent needs patience as they may work with their clients for up to months at a time. It's easy to be polite the first few weeks, but can be more difficult as the months move on. Agents need to make a commitment to their work by treating the last interaction with a client with the same degree of importance as the very first.

Recognize the Client

The client is ultimately is the one that is in the more vulnerable positions, as they are buying or selling their home. They're not only saying good-bye to their Lee's Summit property, but they're also getting ready to through the major transition of moving. Even commercial property owners may develop strong attachments to their offices or retail spaces, so real estate agents may should always be kind and understanding of their emotional positions. Now is the time to step up the communication, manage expectations, and go the extra mile.

Recognizing the client, their needs and what they are trying to say, can sometimes be difficult, but some agents do get it right. These real estate agents listen to their clients, and make the home buying or selling a better experience with expert knowledge and negotiating experience.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Real estate agents often spend too much time on tasks the client may not care too much about while ignoring real concerns. For example, a client doesn't necessarily need a lengthy newsletter or article detailing the state of the seller's market. Instead, they need the agent to return their last phone call. Once a real estate agent understands what the client's priorities are, they can strategize how best to meet those needs without compromising the rest of their business.

There's a lot to keep track of when it comes to managing the level of customer service by a real estate agent. Real estate agents can be the greatest asset in a homebuyer or home sellers life - if they are up to the challenge.

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