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5 Must-Read Home Showing Tips

Posted by Chip Glennon on Monday, April 8th, 2019 at 11:27am.

4 Ways to Prepare for Home ShowingsWhen a buyer is looking at an Overland Park home for sale, they usually will arrange a showing through their agent so they can come see it in person. Home showings are a crucial part of the buying and home selling process because this is where the buyers will form all of their opinions regarding the home. Because of this, homeowners need to ensure that their home is ready for the showing so it can make the best first impression possible. Here are some of the ways homeowners can prepare for visiting buyers.

1. Leave the Home While Guests Are There

When viewing a home, buyers should be able to take as long as they need and also be able to speak freely about their thoughts and opinions on a home. When the homeowner is present during a showing, buyers often feel like they have to rush to get in and out so they don’t bother the owner, and they can also feel like they can’t say anything negative about the home or else the homeowner will hear them and take offense. To take away any chance of this happening, it’s best for homeowners to just step out of the home during showings.

2. Create a Pamphlet for Buyers

When buyers are going on showings, there’s a very good chance that they’re going to many different showings. To help keep the home fresh in the buyer’s mind and remind them of all the specs, have your agent create a professional looking pamphlet for buyers to take with them. Here are some of the things to include to create a useful pamphlet:

  • Great photos of the home
  • The price
  • The address
  • The home and lot size
  • Number of bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Neighborhood amenities such as parks and nearby shopping

And this goes on and on with relevant information. Having one of these pamphlets can help make the home more memorable because homeowners won’t get stuck trying to remember information their agent told them as it’s already all on paper for them.

3. Keep Closets Half Full

One of the most important factors for many buyers is how much storage the home has. To better show closet capacity, try only filling them halfway. This way buyers can see how much is already in the closet as well as much space is still available for more things. This can help them gauge how well their own things will fit into the space, which is very helpful, especially for people who have a lot of possessions that need to be put away.

4. Keep the Home Furnished

A common misconception among homeowners is that they should clear out their furniture in order to give buyers a chance to see just the home without getting distracted by decorations that they won’t be buying. However, doing this can actually cause a lot of harm to the buyer’s impression of the home. Empty homes tend to come off as cold and uninviting compared to furnished homes. When a home isn’t furnished, it also makes it difficult for buyers to determine how large the rooms are, and they can come off smaller than in reality, which in turn makes it difficult for buyers to imagine how their own furniture will fit in the space. To avoid this, just try to keep the furniture in the home, and if that isn’t possible, try to stage the home, either yourself or with the assistance of a professional home stager.

First impressions are important no matter what they’re for, and homes are no exception. Keeping these four tips in mind can help homeowners prepare their home for showings so it can impress buyers.

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