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4 Smart Home Technology Installations with High Returns

Posted by Chip Glennon on Monday, December 3rd, 2018 at 1:15pm.


The Best Smart Home Technology InvestmentsThere is no shortage of smart technology these days, with practically every company racing to adapt the latest breakthrough to their new devices. And while it's clear the market is seeing signs of saturation, homeowners should be aware that smart technology can really improve their property if they know which devices to buy. For those looking to increase the value of their home, keep these four gadgets in mind before solidifying any other home improvement plans.

Smart Moisture Detectors

Water damage in a Kearney new home is not always detectable, especially if a homeowner has a larger property. In addition to drainage or puddling, it only takes a small amount of excess humidity to cause a case of mold. These two dangers can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars if they let the problem go on for too long. A smart moisture sensor will alert the homeowners if it finds an unsustainable degree of moisture in the air, giving them a chance to correct the problem long before it turns into a disaster.

This is particularly valuable in the case of mold because it often starts in invisible places, such as the ductwork or a crawlspace. Mold can cause serious illnesses if it's allowed to spread, contaminating the whole home with unbreathable air. Plus, a smart water sensor will be an attractive feature when selling the home, as the new homeowners won't have to worry about purchasing a new system to keep their home safe.

Smart Temperature Sensors

There's a lot of energy waste when it comes to the energy used to heat and cool homes. If everyone in the home is at work or school during the day, there's no reason for the systems to be working at full (or even three-quarter) force. That's where smart thermostats can help a homeowner save money on their heating and cooling bills. The technology conserves power based on the patterns of the family and adjusts the settings to accommodate different circumstances.

For example, homeowners can purchase a smart thermostat with geo-location so the thermostat will know when people will be coming back. This means that if the owner needs to unexpectedly run out of the home for an hour or two, the thermostat will be able to anticipate the homeowner's arrival and adjust the temperature as needed. This type of precision can save up to 12% of heating and up to 15% on air conditioning.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

From frying an egg to taking a hot shower, the smoke detectors of yesterday could easily be triggered by practically anything. After the fifth false alarm, it's easy to see why homeowners would get fed up and turn their smoke detectors off. That's why smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have been a popular item on the market—because they can sift out the cooking smoke and humidity from the real threats.

Residents will not only receive an alarm from a smoke or carbon monoxide detector when they're inside the home, but they'll also get an alert on their mobile device if they're not at home. (This is particularly helpful for odorless, colorless carbon monoxide.) Residents may even get enough of a lead from a smart smoke detector that they have the means to put the fire out.

Not only can a smart smoke detector cut down on the amount of financial damage a fire may cause, but it can also lower a homeowner's insurance premium. These smart detectors are so effective at notifying residents of imminent danger that insurance companies will incentivize their customers to invest in one.

Smart Sprinkler Systems

With climates becoming more and more unpredictable, a smart sprinkler system can be exactly what a homeowner needs to conserve on water. A smart sprinkler doesn't operate when its programed to, but rather when the ground needs precipitation to thrive. It not only takes into account the immediate weather forecast, but it can also sense any unexpected storms and adjusts its output as needed.

Smart sprinkler systems are usually paid for in just two years due to the amount of water a homeowner can save. It's also easy to install the system, replace components and control the sprinkler via an app, which will undoubtedly be a huge perk for the next homeowners. All they need is to program the configuration, set the location, and adjust as needed.

As smart home technology continues to advance, homeowners should be open to the new devices on the market. These four gadgets have proven themselves to not only save money today but also make your home more appealing to the home buyers of tomorrow.

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