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Brightening Your Home: A Room by Room Guide to Better Quality Lighting

Posted by Chip Glennon on Monday, August 20th, 2018 at 12:46pm.

What You Can Do to Improve Your Home LightingLighting is an essential part of any functional home. Without good lighting, completing everyday tasks becomes difficult. Often, lighting contributes to safety inside the home by preventing household accidents like slips and falls. Good lighting can even make a home look more attractive and hospitable.

In addition to things like a homes interior wall paint color and the type of flooring used in a home, maintaining good quality lighting is another way that homeowners can improve their property value while also improving quality of life. Homeowners who remodel their home to improve lighting can benefit from knowing the many options available to them in each room of the home.

Living Room, Family Room and Great Room

Common areas of the house benefit from diffuse natural lighting to create a low-key, comfortable environment during the daylight hours. In rooms with little natural light (particularly in homes with north-facing living room windows), heavy drapes can block the light. Switching to sheers can encourage daylight to enter the home.

It's also important to provide multiple lighting options, so that homeowners can potentially turn on lights in different areas as needed. For these purposes, lamps provide an intimate feeling of coziness in the evening hours. Recessed lighting gives homeowners the ability to light larger swaths of the room as needed.


Proper lighting is especially important in the kitchen, where people may spend long hours cutting vegetables and fruits, measuring quantities and cooking food over a hot skillet. Task lighting under cabinets makes cutting easier and safer, while pendant lighting over island countertops can create a warm, bright environment for preparing food and talking with loved ones.

Recessed lighting in the kitchen can also help keep the inside of the room generally illuminated. Often homeowners will connect different combinations of recessed lights to different light switches, so they have options.

Dining Room

The dining room is a part of the house that relies heavily on good atmosphere to make it a pleasant place to spend time. Bright light is less important in the dining room than in other parts of the house, unless it's also used for homework.

Often the dining room is a place where overhead chandeliers can be used to light the space in different ways, depending on the setting. Many chandeliers have sockets for bright light bulbs and sockets for dimmer light bulbs, to make bright and dim settings convenient.

Bedroom and Guest Rooms

The bedroom is a room that relies heavily on small lamps, just like the living room. Small lamps in the bedroom help make the space seem intimate, warm and friendly. In addition, many bedrooms will also have overhead lighting that can keep the space bright and well-lit. Homeowners looking for a unique lighting fixture in the bedroom can use a pendant light fixture positioned over the bed. Pendant lighting creates a unique focal point in the space.


Like the kitchen, the bathroom is a part of the house where proper lighting is very important. The bathroom is a part of the house where wet floors can lead to slips and falls, as can a low-sitting toilet seat. Good lighting can help make the space safer for people who might have poor eyesight or balance issues. Pendant lighting can be used to illuminate the space near the sink or toilet, while overhead lighting provides one bright light into the room. Natural lighting makes the space more attractive, so homeowners should be careful not to block natural lighting with dark blinds or drapes.

Work With Your Contractor

If you're a homeowner remodeling your property, work with an experienced contractor to ensure that your home's lighting is attractive and functional. Talk to your contractor before beginning a home remodeling or home building project to ensure that your home's lighting will meet your needs.

Most qualified Leawood real estate agents will tell you that there is little point in having great wall colors or decor in a home if no one can see it. Proper lighting in a home can not only help a homeowner enjoy their home, but assist in selling it when the time comes.

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