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4 Easy Landscaping Projects For Your Home

Posted by Chip Glennon on Monday, April 22nd, 2019 at 9:57am.

4 Ways To Improve Your Home’s Curb AppealEvery homeowner wants a home that they can be proud of inside and out, but landscaping can be difficult for many people. Even homeowners who love interior decorating may find themselves lost when it comes time to focus on the home’s exterior because they’re just so different. For new construction homeowners who don’t know where to start with their home’s landscaping, here are some easy projects to get the ball rolling that can improve or maintain a home’s look without having to spend too much time or money on them.

1. Use Native Plants in Gardens

It’s no secret that gardens can be a lot of work: the more plants and flowers in a garden, the more upkeep is required between weeding, watering, and other care. Homeowners who want a green garden but don’t have or want to devote a lot of time to it can instead use plants and flowers that are native to the region. Doing this almost guarantees that the plants will thrive in the garden without very much help because they’re already used to the climate and amount of natural rain. The most the homeowner will have to consider when planting them is picking the right side of the home so they get the proper amount of recommended sun. 

2. Install a New Mailbox

Whether rain, sleet, snow, or hail, mailboxes protect what you mail. But unfortunately, standing up to all these different types of weather can damage them, and that isn’t even accounting for other damage like sun bleaching, getting backed into by cars, and so on. To make a home’s exterior look well cared for, buy a new mailbox and install it. Or if it’s still in a good condition and doesn’t have any cracks or dents, a new coat of paint can also do wonders for making a mailbox look fresh and new.

3. Add Stepping Stones in the Garden

Many people assume that gardens need to be filled to the brim with flowers and plants to look complete, but this is a misconception. Leaving empty space in a garden can create visual interest by providing something different to look at. A good way of creating empty space is by using stepping stones. Not only are stepping stones stylish, but they’re also useful. Stepping stones can be strategically placed to create paths to make navigating the gardens easier when taking care of them, and they can also be used to make spickets easer to reach when it’s time to water the garden.

4. Paint the Front Door

Like mailboxes, the front door has a tendency to take a beating when it comes to standing up to weather. The door’s paint can show all the damage its taken and all the weather it’s stood through, but it isn’t necessary to replace a door just because it’s a little dinged up. Giving it a new coat of paint can make it look brand new without spending much effort. A small can of paint from the hardware store is more than enough to complete enough coats to cover most colors and damage, and a new color can drastically change how a home looks from the street, making it look more inviting or mellow.

Landscaping a Blue Springs new home can be a lot of fun once the homeowner gets ideas for what they want to change. This are just a tiny collection of examples to work from, but once the ball gets rolling, homeowners can do just about anything to change their home’s exterior look.

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