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4 Curb Appeal Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Posted by Chip Glennon on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 at 2:53pm.

4 Curb Appeal Mistakes You Might Be MakingWhen selling Kansas City home, first impressions are everything. They are what helps attract buyers to the home, and curb appeal is essential to a good first impression. Curb appeal can seem like a very simple thing, but it’s also easy to make mistakes concerning it. Here are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make regarding their home’s curb appeal and how to avoid or reverse it.

Mistake #1: Leaving Personal Decorations Up

Many homeowners like to personalize their home by adding fun decorations to the gardens or lawn. Pink flamingoes and garden gnomes are classic examples, but things like windchimes, signs, and even holiday decorations fall under this category. When selling a home, it’s recommended to take down these sorts of things because they distract buyers from the actual home. When someone buys a home, they’re only buying the home, not the decorations, and keeping them up can potentially prevent buyers from noticing great things about the home. In order to prevent this, just put away the garden ornaments until they can be put up again at the new home.

Mistake #2: The Home Needs Obvious Repairs

Having good curb appeal means the home needs to put its best foot forward. This is made much more difficult if the home looks like it’s in disrepair. Homeowners should take a hard look at their home’s exterior and take note of what needs a little TLC. Some examples of things that might fall under this category are:

  • A broken fence
  • Peeling paint
  • Dirty light fixtures
  • Ripped window screens
  • Cracked sidewalks or driveways

Buyers keep track of everything they see that they’ll have to fix in a home, so in order to make a better impression, homeowners should try to complete as many repairs as they can before putting the home on the market.

Mistake #3: The Plants and Grass are Dead

Unless it’s autumn or winter, buyers like to see that a home’s lawn and gardens are full of life. If they’re dead, buyers can take it as a sign that something is wrong with the soil that makes it difficult to grow plants or that the homeowners don’t care enough about the home to take care of it. And in order to have good curb appeal, homeowners have to show buyers that they care. Homeowners don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on landscaping, though. Just regularly weeding, pruning, and watering the plants can do a lot to improve a garden’s looks, with regular mowing and watering is enough to keep a lawn trim and looking good. 

Mistake #4: The Upkeep Requires Too Much Work

Some people love working outside and can spend hours in the gardens every day. However, it’s not possible for everyone to devote so much time to their home’s upkeep, and seeing homes that require it can be a turnoff for some buyers. Making a garden more low-maintenance is easy, and there are many ways homeowners an do it. One way is by planting plants and flowers that are native to the local area because they don’t require very much upkeep. Another way is to include things like stepping stones in the garden that take up space without making the garden look empty.

It can be easy to make mistakes when selling an Olathe home, but making mistakes isn’t a death sentence. If a homeowner takes the time to correct their mistakes, they can improve their home’s curb appeal and help their home make a good first impression with buyers.

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