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Buying a New Construction Home? Factors to Consider

Posted by Chip Glennon on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 at 3:47pm.

What You Need to Know About Buying a New Construction HomeBuying a new construction home can be a very rewarding experience, but before building can begin, many decisions must be made. If you're a homebuyer who would like to purchase a new construction home, here's what you need to know.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Where Will You Build?

Location is critical for ensuring that the homebuyer will be happy in their new home. When selecting a location, home buyers must ask themselves a variety of questions. How close should the neighbors be? How important is it to live close to businesses, healthcare services and entertainment?

Often rural locations have larger plots of land and more privacy, but businesses are far away. Urban locations tend to be on much smaller plots of land, but businesses are often close by. Home buyers must decide for themselves which is most important.

How Big Should It Be?

Size matters. The size of a home can impact its energy efficiency. Size also impacts quality of life for the people living in the house. Some people feel better living in a large house because they need space to spread out. Others prefer small spaces because they want to minimize home maintenance.

When a home buyer is trying to decide how big they want their home to be, they should first take into consideration whether or not they plan to grow their family. The size of the home should fit the future size of the family, or the homeowner could find themselves moving shortly after the home is built.

What's On Your List of Must-Haves?

Most new home buyers have a list of "must-haves." The must-haves are features that they would be unhappy to live without. Examples of must-haves include a pool, a fireplace, large yard, convenient location or an open floor plan. One of the advantages of building a home instead of buying a pre-owned home is that the home buyer can include all their must-haves in the construction of their new home.

Before buying land or signing a contract with a builder, the home buyer should decide what is included on their list of must-haves. Knowing what's on the list makes it more likely that the home buyer will get a home where they can be happy for many years to come.

Production or Custom?

A production home is a home that comes from a pre-designed layout. Home buyers make choices that control some of the way the home looks and functions, but the choices are limited. For example, the home buyer may have their choice of three layouts, four different types of flooring, two different countertop materials and three different siding options. The buyer is not given complete control over the design of their home.

Custom homes are built from scratch, based on the needs and desires of the home buyer. Custom homes can be quite expensive, but they're also very beautiful and personalized. Custom designed homes are unique in every way. Home buyers who purchase a custom home may find it easier to create their "dream home." However, home buyers must have the budget before they can create a custom home. Those who are not able to spend a lot of money may find production homes more affordable.

Work With a Builder and Real Estate Professional

If you're a Leavenworth home buyer who would like to build a home in the coming year, contact a real estate professional and a builder. Your real estate professional can facilitate the purchase of the land, while the builder can help you build your future home. Working with licensed professionals can help.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

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