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Home Improvements To Avoid: What Home Improvements Will Damage Your Home Value?

Posted by Chip Glennon on Monday, March 4th, 2019 at 10:45am.

Home Improvements that Decrease Your Homes ValueIn general, home improvements will boost a home's value. However, some home improvements will not. If you're a homeowner who would like to bring up the sale price of your home by making home improvements and home upgrades, it's important to know which home improvements will help you accomplish your goal. Here's what you need to know.

Bedroom Conversion

Some new Lenexa homeowners dream about converting a spare bedroom into a hobby room. For example, some musicians want nothing more than to turn their spare bedroom into a recording studio or a place where they can practice their instrument. If doing this involves replacing normal walls with soundproofing, this could drag down the value of the home. Home buyers like extra bedrooms, and will often pay more for a home that has extra bedrooms. Removing a bedroom essentially reduces the home's potential sale price.

Adding Built-In Home Electronics

Although some built-in electronics look good for a few years after they're installed, they can quickly become a problem. Electronics become dated quickly, and built-in electronics are more difficult to replace. There are other ways to make an interior space impressive and functional. Homeowners who want to make a practical and valuable upgrade can do so by installing custom cabinets, replacing old appliances or by installing new windows.

However, some smart home technology upgrades can actually increase the value of the home. Whether an upgrade, especially involving technology, increases or decreases the value of a home, often depends on what is being added and will it still be functional many years after installation.

Fancy Home Landscape Features

Fancy landscape features might look nice from a distance, but many exotic plants require extra care. Large gardens need a lot of maintenance and require a lot of water to stay beautiful.

For this reason, some home buyers will avoid buying a home with a complex landscaping design. Other home buyers will offer less because they know that they'll be removing the landscaping soon after moving in. Home buyers like good landscaping, as long as it's easy to maintain. Planting annuals and low-maintenance shrubs is the best way to make a home's landscaping pop when the time comes to sell.

Work With a Real Estate Agent

If you're a homeowner who is thinking about boosting your home's value by making home improvements, speak to a real estate agent before making them to avoid making home improvements that may actually decrease the value of a home. A good real estate agent can tell you which home improvements will have the greatest impact on your home's value. A good real estate agent can also tell you how much your home will sell for if you were to put it up for sale right now. Contact a reputable real estate agent to get started today.

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