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4 Great Ideas For Spicing Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Posted by Chip Glennon on Monday, September 9th, 2019 at 11:22am.

4 Ideas for Your Outdoor SpaceEveryone wants a backyard that feels like it’s an extension of the home. And whether a homeowner is fixing up their backyard in preparation for selling or just because they want to enjoy their outdoor space more, there’s a lot of potential in every backyard to be great. However, with so much potential, it can be easy to not know where to start. Here are some great projects to consider for any backyard that needs something extra to spice it up.

1. Add Some Lighting

Lighting can be tricky for an outdoor space. Homeowners want something that looks good but doesn’t require much maintenance. While a fireplace can provide good light, not everyone wants to light a fire in order to see their yard. A string or two of globe lights can go a long way to give an outdoor space a lot of character with minimal effort. Solar-powered lights can also be a good addition because homeowners don’t have to worry about electricity bills. The lights will soak up the sun during the day and come on automatically at night. 

2. Build a Fire Pit

There are few things more exciting than having a campfire out in the backyard. Campfires are fun for kids and adults alike. They’re great for making s’mores and also provide great ambiance, and with a fire pit, Lee's Summit homeowners can have a safe campfire in their backyard at any time. It’s possible to buy a pre-made fire pit from a local hardware store or garden center, but homeowners can also build their own with bricks or other fire-safe materials. Building a fire pit also gives homeowners the option to customize their fire pit to make it fit their specifications from size to materials used.

3. Leave Space for Outdoor Cooking and Dining

One extremely popular backyard activity for many people is barbecuing. Cooking on a grill out on the deck or patio is a great way to spend summer weekends and also entertain friends and family. Homeowners who enjoy grilling should seriously consider dedicating to their cooking and also a spot to eat. A patio table and a few chairs can go a long way, and it can provide a place to sit and talk, with or without a dinner cooked on a barbecue

4. Install a Pond

For homeowners who want a truly unique addition to their backyard space, a pond can be the perfect  thing to catch eyes and start conversations. Homeowners can have a landscaping company install a natural-looking pond or buy a plastic base and install it on their own. Once it’s installed, it’s up to them on how they want to decorate it. They can use stones, fountains, bubblers, water plants (such as lilies or fairy moss), and even fish. If putting fish in a pond, remember that they need to be cared for just like a pet goldfish: they need food, clean water, and enough space to live in. A pond can be a high-maintenance installation in an outdoor space, but it can be worth it for the reactions it will elicit from guests.

It can be a lot of fun to design and create an outdoor living space. Backyards have a lot of potential for what they can become, and there is a lot of inspiring pictures to look at online. Collect pictures and decorations, and come up with a design that fits the yard well.

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