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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Solar Panels

Posted by Chip Glennon on Monday, August 13th, 2018 at 12:08pm.

4 Things You Should Know About Solar PanelsWhen it comes to all the different ways to make a home more environmentally friendly, no strategy stands out quite as much as using solar panels. Solar panels have been around for years, but recently they’ve become more accessible than ever. Solar panels not only help the environment and utility bills, they may also help get your home sold faster and for more money.

So what makes solar panels so special compared to other methods for making homes greener? Here are some of the reasons why solar panels have persisted for so long and why homeowners should consider installing them on their own home.

1. Homeowners Don’t Have To Live in the Desert For Panels To Work Well

While many things lead people to believe solar panels have to be in sunny places like Los Angeles or the Mojave Desert in order to work well, that actually isn’t true. While the amount of sun solar panels see does affect their power output, solar panels can be installed just about anywhere and still be very useful. In fact, some of the most productive cities in the United States are Denver, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Indianapolis, Indiana. Homeowners shouldn’t be afraid of getting solar panels because they live in a place that isn’t one of America’s sunniest cities.

2. Solar Panels Can Pay For Themselves Over Time

One of the biggest turn-offs for solar panels is their high upfront cost, usually more than $10,000 to cover a roof in 5 kW panels. However, a roof full of solar panels can save homeowners around $1,400 on electricity bills each year, so in ten years, the panels will have saved more than their original costs. And on top of that, solar panels have a lifespan of 25-30 years, which can mean $35,0000 in savings after 25 years. With all of that money saved, one set of solar panels has the potential to pay for themselves and possibly even finance replacement panels.

And for homeowners who may not be living in their home for the entire duration of their solar panels’ lifespans, the panels are still beneficial because they raise a home’s property value. On average, having solar panels on a home can increase its selling price by $15,000-22,000, which can cover the cost of installation and then some.

3. Energy Created By Solar Panels Reduces Electric Bills

One of the biggest reasons people love solar panels so much is that they help the environment by increasing the amount of renewable energy that is used in homes. Solar power comes from the sun, making it one of the greatest forms of renewable energy available along with others like wind and hydroelectric. As of 2015, solar panels are able to convert 20% of energy taken in into electricity, and this number is only going to increase as technology improves. 

4. Homeowners Can Buy Or Lease Solar Panels

Even though the savings are great, many homeowners may not be able to afford the costs of paying for a solar mortgage. In these cases, homeowners may want to turn to leasing. While leasing does have drawbacks that buying doesn’t, such as not being eligible for tax deductions and not getting quite as many savings, it’s still a legitimate option for those who want to have a more eco-friendly home. Homeowners interested in leasing should research all the pros and cons that go into leasing solar panels because there are a number of other differences between leasing and buying.

Solar panels can help make a Leavenworth home more environmentally friendly while reducing the costs of electricity, making them helpful in more ways than one. Regardless of where a home is, solar panels can be an excellent addition to almost any roof.

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