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September 2019

Found 4 blog entries for September 2019.

4 Ways You Can Improve Your Home Showings with PetsMost households in America have some sort of pet. Whether it’s a classic cat or dog or something a little more exotic like a parrot or gecko, there are a lot of pets out there. Selling a home with pets can be difficult, because some people are afraid of buying a home, especially in a sellers market, due to damage that a pet could potentially cause. Homeowners with pets can take action to help make their home appealing to even the pickiest buyers, without resorting to any drastic measures. Here are some strategies to use when preparing a home with pets for sale.

Repair Pet Damage

Even the most well-behaved pets can damage a home. While homeowners may not see it as such, pet hair on the carpet or strong smells from an animal’s natural odors can put

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Best Kansas City Museums for People of All AgesAre you looking for something fun and educational to do in Kansas City? If so, then you're in luck! Kansas City is full of museums for people with varying interests and of all ages. Whether you're a child or an adult, Kansas City is the place to be. This article will go over some of the best museums in the area.


If you have a child in the Kansas City area, then you should definitely spend an hour at Kaleidoscope, a children's museum where kids can enjoy hands-on activities. This center for creativity is designed for children of many ages. People have reported that their kids ages 4 to 12 have enjoyed themselves at this free museum. Children line up early for tickets, and are assigned a 45-minute time slot. When their time slot comes

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4 Ideas for Your Outdoor SpaceEveryone wants a backyard that feels like it’s an extension of the home. And whether a homeowner is fixing up their backyard in preparation for selling or just because they want to enjoy their outdoor space more, there’s a lot of potential in every backyard to be great. However, with so much potential, it can be easy to not know where to start. Here are some great projects to consider for any backyard that needs something extra to spice it up.

1. Add Some Lighting

Lighting can be tricky for an outdoor space. Homeowners want something that looks good but doesn’t require much maintenance. While a fireplace can provide good light, not everyone wants to light a fire in order to see their yard. A string or two of globe lights can go a long way to give

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4 Packing Tips You Need to SeeIt’s no secret that packing to move is a big job, and on top of all the other tasks homeowners need to complete to prepare for buying that new construction home, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by everything. Packing doesn’t need to be overwhelming, though. Done properly, packing can be easy and efficient instead of chaotic. Here are some of the best packing tips all homeowners need to know before they start preparing to move to their new home.

1. Start as Early as Possible

Before the home is even on the market, homeowners can start packing. They don’t need to do anything drastic, but even just packing some things that aren’t used often can help take some of the pressure off later. When starting early, be sure not to leave boxes around the

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