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June 2019

Found 3 blog entries for June 2019.

Foundation Damage Repairs and ReplacementHow bad of a problem is foundation damage in a home? Homeowners may live for years with some types of foundation damage, but find that for others, they need to decide whether it is worth repairing or replacing the foundation. Serious foundation damage often requires repair by a professional and is not ususually a DIY project. Such a project may affect the structure's integrity and home value. Understand more about foundation damage and what may need to be done about it today.

How Much Should Homeowners Worry?

First off, all cracks are not the same. While the appearance of cracks in a home may be due to natural settling, other cracks may be a result of a more significant issue. Look at the type of cracks that may be forming in order to get an

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Repair or Replace a RoofUnfortunately, a homes roof will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. There are many types of roofing materials and all are subject to changing weather conditions and susceptible to roof damage. Homeowners living in areas with high winds, flying debris and extreme weather conditions may find that repairs are needed outside of routine maintenance. When homeowners notice more than a few missing shingles on a roof, they may need a thorough inspection.

Homeowners need to be proactive. Taking steps to repair a roof and prevent damage to internal structures can help maintain the value of a home. Learn more about repairing and replacing a roof.

Know the Lifetime of Roofing Materials

A Kearney homeowner would do well to learn when the roof was

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Taxation on the Sale of a Vacation HomeThere may come a time when a homeowner chooses to sell their vacation home. A desire to downsize, move or purchase another type of property can make such a sale attractive. With any sale of property, tax obligations to the IRS will need to be considered.

The sale of a vacation home can differ from that of selling a primary home and tax regulations are often subject to change. Contacting a trusted tax accountant prior to listing a vacation home for sale can help navigate any potential issues. Learn more about some of the taxation concerns that may potentially burden a seller.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a certified tax expert before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Capital Gains Tax on a Vacation Home

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