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Find Your Home near Kansas City

The Kansas City metropolitan area is widely considered the heart of America's Midwest. With over a dozen cities and suburbs clustered together around a vibrant downtown, the Kansas City metropolitan area is growing rapidly as more and more people discover what a great place it is to live. With great culture, incredible food, and a fascinating history, Kansas City offers everything you could dream of from an urban center. Meanwhile, the nearby suburbs have thriving job markets and a low cost of living, meaning that you and your family can find great economic opportunity here.

Surrounded by beautiful farmland, the Kansas City metropolitan area is filled with healthy and inexpensive food, including some of the best barbecue in the country. There are also great schools, tight-knit communities, and plenty of public festivals to bring people together and enrich your life. Whether you're a young professional looking to live in downtown Kansas City, or a couple who want to start a family in Overland Park, you can find a community that resonates with your values and desires.

Living the Kansas City Lifestyle

No matter which community you live in—or which state—you'll discover that the people of the Kansas City metropolitan area are kind, friendly, and helpful. You'll find welcoming communities of people who love the area where they've chosen to live their lives, and who have fierce loyalty to one another and to their neighborhoods.

You can explore Kansas City's historic downtown, with its abundance of fountains and never-ending supply of cool restaurants and musical events. With tons of farmers markets and local breweries, Kansas City will ensure you always have something excellent on your plate or in your glass. You can also live in the suburbs and enjoy raising your family in a large, affordable home surrounded by great neighbors and good schools. If your ideal life involves being happy and healthy, surrounded by loving friends and family, then you can find that life here.

Find out which city or suburb will work best for you with our helpful community guides, then check out our listings!

Blue Springs

Blue Springs homes for sale are ideal for anyone looking to live in the Kansas City metropolitan area while still remaining close to nature. With a ton of opportunities nearby for fishing, camping, hiking, and hunting, Blue Springs ensures that residents with a preference for the outdoors will find plenty to do, while still being only 25 minutes from all the arts, culture, and opportunity in downtown Kansas City.
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Ideally located fifteen minutes north of the heart of Kansas City, Gladstone offers those who work in the big city an opportunity to invest in a quiet suburban community. However, Gladstone is much more than a bedroom community. The municipality is on a mission to develop its own downtown and to expand its range of amenities and facilities. Check out this up-and-coming community and browse the incredible variety of Gladstone homes for sale.
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The city of Independence is known for its historical significance, charming boutiques, connected community, and Midwestern charm. Today, this thriving metropolis in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area is the home of more than 100,000 residents. Independence homes for sale range widely in building type and architectural style. Prices begin below $100,000 and can exceed $1 million depending on the size and luxury of the Independence home for sale.
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Kansas City

Kansas City homes for sale are prized for the lifestyle they offer. Living in Kansas City means living at the center of arts and culture in the Midwest, with something to do around every corner. With a growing population at every age, Kansas City is proving to be an attractive place to move for young people, families, and retirees alike, thanks to its small-town community feel, great barbecue restaurants, and endless supply of sporting and cultural events.
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Welcome to one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Missouri. Kearney homes for sale are affordable, lovely, and conveniently located. With some of the finest dining around, outstanding school systems, epic views, and exceptional outdoor recreational activities, Kearney is the place to be! In addition, it currently has a small population and cozy home town feel.
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Leavenworth finds itself nestled in the curve of the Missouri River, a half hour drive from the heart of Kansas City. Those who choose to settle in this charming Midwestern community will find that the historic downtown is rife with character. One of the largest military bases in the area provides many job opportunities for residents, and the city offers plenty of recreation opportunities for families. So what are you waiting for? Explore Leavenworth homes for sale.
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Leawood is a moderately sized city that has seen some exceptional growth in the last several years. It’s the ideal place to raise a family or start your own business. This city is mostly residential with a wonderful downtown core. It has outstanding schools, stunning park lands, recent developments, and incredible neighborhoods.
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Lee's Summit

Lee’s Summit homes for sale are one of a kind and reside in one of the friendliest cities around. It’s currently the 6th largest city in the state, meaning that it has all the security and amenities you could ever want. Lees’s Summit is full of history mixed with modern day convenience, which will blow you away! Anyone would be lucky to live here, from families to students to business owners.
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Welcome to the vibrant and wonderful Lenexa. Nestled within a moderately sized city, Lenexa homes for sale are both luxurious and charming, with most of them conveniently located near all the amenities you’ll ever need. Employment is easy to come by and jobs offer competitive wages. Schools are outstanding, meaning that this lovely city is ideal for those with families.
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Liberty homes for sale attract buyers from around the country, as well as buyers from other parts of the Kansas City metropolitan area, due to their great schools, affordable homes, and strong sense of community. Liberty is a growing area with new businesses and an influx of families moving there. With an abundance of single detached family homes for affordable prices, Liberty is an ideal place to buy a starter home, or to settle in for a long and happy life with your family.
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Olathe homes for sale are located at the farthest reaches of the Kansas City metropolitan area, though the city is easy to get to in only 30 minutes along the I-35. Olathe is perhaps the most independent community in the area, with its distance from the city allowing its residents to develop a strong sense of community and a quieter, small-town lifestyle. But the people of Olathe are extremely accepting to new residents, so you can rest assured that your family will fit right in!
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Overland Park

Overland Park homes for sale are located in perhaps the most sought-after suburb of Kansas City. It routinely tops lists of best places to live, because of it's the affordable housing market and the great schools that make Overland Park such an amazing place to raise your kids. Its residents enjoy high wages and record-low unemployment combined with low costs of living. Overland Park is the first neighborhood you should consider when you plan to live in the Kansas City metropolitan area.
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Do you enjoy that cozy, small time feel? How about that serenity when you can look out your front door and see nothing but trees and friendly people? Parkville homes for sale are located in just such a place. It's absolutely perfect for first time home owners, retirees, and small families. Amenities and schools are easy to get to, and most are even within walking distance.
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Platte City

If you've ever wanted to live in a small, community-oriented city with amenities within easy walking distance, then you've found the best place to be in the state. Platte City homes for sale will charm their way into your heart with their incredible location, beautiful scenery, and huge lot sizes. Because these homes are so affordable, they're ideal for empty-nesters, first-time home owners, and retirees.
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Prairie Village

Prairie Village homes for sale are a 20 minute drive just south of Kansas City. This charming city with a wonderful village vibe has some fantastic housing options ranging from very affordable to elegantly luxurious. Whether you're a first-time buyer looking for that perfect starter condo, a family looking for your next home, or a retiree ready to relax and enjoy a pedestrian-friendly lifestyle, Prairie Village has all these elements and so much more.
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Located less than half an hour east of Kansas City, the quiet community of Raytown offers its residents a well-connect community, a strong school system, affordable living costs, and a high quality of life. Today, Raytown has a population of close to 30,000 residents, but for many years it was a small community on the journey west for many pioneers. Raytown homes for sale are some of the most affordable in the Kansas Metro Area, making them appealing to many buyers.
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Let’s face it: modern living while still feeling close to nature is growing more and more difficult in this day and age. Thankfully, Shawnee homes for sale can offer all of this and more. Shawnee is a moderately sized city with many nearby amenities. Despite its size, the city is community-oriented with long and fascinating roots that go all the way back to the mid-1800s.
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Smithville homes for sale are nestled gently into the small and lovely city of Smithville. Despite its size, it’s well known for its wonderful accommodations and restaurants. This makes it a lovely option for those with families or those in search of a perfect vacation home. With a low poverty rate and plenty of jobs, Smithville is also a wonderful opportunity for business owners.
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If you're a prospective buyer or seller looking for an experienced team to represent you, you can't go wrong with the Chip Glennon Real Estate Experts. With decades of experience and a diverse skillset, our team can ensure that the process of buying or selling a home in or around Kansas City goes smoothly and quickly.

With our intimate knowledge of the many communities in and around Kansas City, we can help you find neighborhoods you might never have known about otherwise. Then, we'll bring our negotiating skills to the table on your behalf and help you buy your new home at the best price possible.

And when it comes to selling, Chip Glennon and his team are unstoppable. We sell a home, on average, every 33 hours, and have plenty of experience with sales that seemed difficult or impossible. In fact, we're so confident in our selling skills that we offer a guarantee: if we can't sell your home in 90 days, we'll buy it.

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